Get me out of here – yes I’m excited to leave

“Oh my gosh, are you getting excited to go?”

I have heard this question about 50 times a day since I got home from orientation in Ottawa. In case my Facebook status’ and comments of spending my December birthday in the sun have not verified, YES I AM EXCITED! But I am also getting anxious and a little annoyed.

This is not the all inclusive vacation you took with your boyfriend to Mexico last year. One month ago I accepted an internship overseas, it’s awesome – but – I haven’t found a place to live, I haven’t finished up my paperwork or finances, I haven’t even started packing up the place I live in now let alone thought about what I need to board plane with in 4 days.

This IS the opportunity of a lifetime, this IS an amazing experience, but it’s NOT the glamorous, romantic dream of traveling abroad some of my neighbours are trying to make it out to be.

Also, Why can’t a single girl just go to Africa for herself? Why do you have to assume or hope for me that I’ll find a husband and never come back. 

It’s annoying.

I’m excited to go to Malawi because I won’t have to see stupid commercials advertising our state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. I’m looking forward to not having my iPhone attached to me at all times. I am ready to let go of having to know everything. I am ready to go into the world and see ‘real life’. This way of life, of having to have all the time, is what’s making me feel unprepared and anxious, and at the same time what’s driving me to make this happen.

As unprepared as I might feel logistically, I am ready to go and excited for the adventure ahead. But it’s my adventure. It’s my career. So please stop trying to marry me off while I’m out chasing my dreams.

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3 Responses to Get me out of here – yes I’m excited to leave

  1. Cindy says:

    Derek is getting just as excited to read about your travels/trip/experiences of your NEW JOB!!! as you are for yourself !!! Yes you have taken a left turn in your career and now have the chance to inform all of us who cannot or are afraid to travel your path. Enjoy and take in all you are going to encounter so you can keep us informed.ENJOY

  2. Gloria says:

    I am so excited for you as you bravely take on this adventure / experience. I like so many married young and started a family and never had such opportunities. So I am happy to be able to see the world and all the different experiences through your eyes and travels. Wish you all the best and will be with you on your blog. Stay safe and God Bless!

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