Dance Parties or Work Functions?

International Credit Union Day 2013
Malawi, Africa

This year is a small milestone in my career, I am spending my 5th year in the credit union system in Africa. We call our credit union’s in Africa Savings and Credit Cooperatives, or SACCOs. No matter where you live, no matter what you call them, no matter what your race, religion, sex or status – choosing to bank with one will change your life.

I am a co-operator

A credit union is a financial institution that puts people ahead of profit, they are guided by a set of principles that ensure the social, economic and cultural needs of a community are achieved in a responsible and ethical way. I’m pretty passionate about them, but I didn’t realize just how important they were until my first trip to Africa in 2012.

I fell in love with the stories from members whose lives had been uplifted out of poverty through the help of a SACCO. Thus… I came back to Africa. I came to work as a Marketing Officer for the national apex that fosters the development and success of all SACCOs in Malawi, as an intern with the Canadian Co-operative Association.

Thursday, October 17 was International Credit Union Day, a day that recognized 200 million people world wide who banded together to find financial freedom. This video is from the celebrations (on Oct. 19) in the capital city of Lilongwe. Two other celebrations with parades and donations were simultaneously going on in the northern and southern regions of Malawi that day; the whole country heard the joy of SACCO members and staff.

SACCOs are for everyone

SACCOs are for everyone

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